Regular kind of coffee has been known for having several benefits for health. It’s because coffee is loaded with antioxidants and healthy nutrients that can improve wellness of life. But, how about Kopi Luwak? Is Kopi Luwak that originated from civet’s feces; has benefits for our health?

Civet Coffee, or Kopi Luwak (originated from Indonesian language) — is famous for its very distinctive taste. Kopi Luwak has some various savors in every sip. Such as floral sensation, a taste that closely related to flower of the forest; fruity fragrance; and earthy smells that smoothly bold just like soil in some way.

Back to the main topic, there are several benefits that related to health when people take a sip of Kopi Luwak. These benefits were found through several researches. Eiichiro Fukusaki, researcher from Osaka University, and colleagues did the research to distinguish Kopi Luwak from regular coffee. There are several markers that differentiate regular coffee and Kopi Luwak, mainly about the amount of acids that more contented in Kopi Luwak.

Massimo Marcone from University of Guelph behalf from his research said The Kopi Luwak beans were found to be smoother, indicating that the gastric acids and/or enzymes of the luwak were exfoliating the surface of the beans. It’s because the fermentation process of the bean that occurred in digestive system of the Civet.

The questions are, how we benefit from the scientific amount of substances that contained in Kopi Luwak? There are several benefits that can be traced, such as:

Contain Antioxidant Source

The antioxidant in Kopi Luwak will help to prevent  bacteria, viruses, and bad pathogens. As a result, you will be free from the risks of diseases. Besides, antioxidants in Kopi Luwak play a role in preventing the effects of free radicals which cause the oxidative stress.

Have Antibacterial Properties

Kopi Luwak provide antibacterial properties. It can protect the body against the presence of bacteria and viruses as well.

Protects Digestion System

This benefit is related to acidic concentration in Kopi Luwak that is lower than regular coffee. This is good benefit for those who have the ulcer problem.

Prevents Gallbladder Diseases

The anti-sticky caffeine content will help to ensure the mucus crystals won’t break down in the bite. It will also help to loosen the cholesterol crystals which are trapped in the gallbladder.

Prevents Cancer

Kopi Luwak will be beneficial to prevent cancer. This has been proven in a study which states that people who drink coffee have reduced the risks of getting cancer.

Controls Diabetes

The next health benefit provided by Kopi Luwak is the way it controls diabetes. At this point, Kopi Luwak contains low acidic concentration which can be effective for diabetes type 2.

Maintains the Healthy Heart

Kopi Luwak can be beneficial to promote the healthy heart. It protects the heart’s muscular chamber against artery damage. As a result, it will help to prevent the risks of heart diseases such as hypertension, thrombosis, heart attack, heart failure.

Promotes Liver Health

The regular coffee consumption is related with the cirrhosis incidence more so alcoholic cirrhosis. Also, the research has been shown that the higher consumption of coffee will lessen the liver enzymes levels which reduce the damage and inflammation to the liver as well.

Prevents Neurological Disorders

The antioxidant properties in Kopi Luwak can prevent the cell damage related to the inflammation. As a result, coffee shows a positive result in preventing neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. Besides, the presence of caffeine in Kopi Luwak can reduce the inflammation in the brain which is associated with Alzheimer’s.

Protects the Teeth

As Kopi Luwak has the source of antibacterial properties, then it will be useful to keep your teeth clean. It also will prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

Promotes Cardiovascular Health

The regular consumption of Kopi Luwak will prevent the risks of getting cardiovascular problems such as joint pains and cramps. Caffeine contained in coffee is known as the endurance enhancer. It will help fight the fatigue and strengthen the muscle as well.

Relieves Depression

The great nutrients contained in  fruits and green leafy vegetables can control your mood and prevent the risks of stress and depression as well. Kopi Luwak does the same. One of the researchers has shown that women who drink a few cups of coffee have a lower risk of depression than women who don’t do that, according to a Harvard study.

This is what we have gathered for you about the benefit of Kopi Luwak, as a Kopi Luwak and as a coffee itself. Would you like to take a cuppa every morning? We’ll gladly to know and ready to pack you some!