Each of coffee types can have a very different quality because their production process. Which process that can make Luwak Coffee being the most expensive coffee on earth?

Luwak is local name for Asian Palm Civet, a kind of weasel in Indonesia. This nocturnal mammals often eat coffee fruits. Their instinct make them capable to pick some good coffee from human plantation.

In 18th century, this Luwak’s habit gave some advantage for poor native farmer. The Dutch had a colony in Indonesia and force the local to work on plantation, but they were prohibited to pick and consume it.

They found out that the coffee beans undigested in Luwak’s droppings. So the farmers could take it, clean it, and produce their own coffee beverage.

After that, Luwak Coffee becomes popular until now. So here is the process how Luwak Coffee can be so good in our cup.

First, farmers let wild Luwak eat the coffee fruits, so they can pick the best seed to consume. During the digestion process, the coffee cherries and the pulp removed from beans. Some experts said that Luwak’s stomach gives natural fermentation for the beans with specific enzyms and microbes.

After 24 hours, the coffee beans are defecated by Luwak. Their feces are considered golden and containt the beans. So then, farmers would try to find and collect it.

If farmers already have enough, they begin to wash the beans until clean. During this step they also make selection for find the really good beans.

After the bean clean, it have to dried under the sun. Then, the farmer will pound it traditionally (without machine) to remove the skin. The beans will be colored in white-silver.

This beans have to be washed once again to remove the husk, and dry again under the sun. From here, the next steps will be same as another coffee. The taste of Luwak Coffee is somewhat gentle and not bitter. This coffee would be better to be served in regular mug.

This long and traditional process make the price is worthy enough. A natural fermentation, perfection, and accuracy make Indonesian Luwak Coffee has a really great taste.***