Our Coffee

Civet Coffee Sourced From The Wild

Our farmers collect the Luwak coffee beans along with the feces, which are separated later on.

Luwak Coffee

Fresh from the wild, we gather only the best quality of coffee. Our coffee come from the land of Gayo, where it has been well known for its abundant Arabica coffee farms. The cherries which are first eaten by the civets, combined with the natural fermentation process in their digestion system will produce a brand new taste of coffee that the world has long craved.

The minimum order is 1 kg. The time required to process your order is within a week, excluding the shipping period.

  • Country of origin: Indonesia
  • Region: Gayo, Aceh
  • Varieties: Bourbon, Timtim, Ateng

Our Certifications

Roasting Option

 and why you should consider it

Quality and Consistency Control

Having your own beans roasted gives your brew a better control of quality and consistency. The wide knowledge of coffee flavours combined with the roasting technique unlocks the endless possibilities of coffee serving. Consult with us.


Connecting You With Your Customers

“Where does this coffee come from?” is recorded to be the legendary question among coffee drinkers. Being able to communicate the knowledge of coffee origin and its characteristics, create a strong connection of friendship. Help us.

Build Your Brand

Have you ever had a bad day served with a bad coffee? Don’t let it happen to your customer, ever. Building your own brand distinguish you from the crowd. With your own unique value and philosophy of coffee, the market is yours. Be one of us.